Central Backpack King Hostel Reviews

Posted by guiaparaguana on March 21, 2016
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centralbackpackThe Central Backpack King Hostel is one of several hostels in Budapest offering budget accommodation. Here we have summarised reviews of this hostel from around the website, to give you a pretty good picture of what is on offer here, and whether it’s right for you. If you like what what this hostel offers, you can find out more at http://centralbackpackking.insta-hostel.com/


The position of this hostel in central down-town Budapest is a great asset. Described as the “perfect central location” in the “real heart of the city”, the hostel is within a quarter of a mile of a metro stop, an array of restaurants and places to eat out, as well as some of the most famous historic buildings in the city.

Value for money
Value for money is of high importance for backpackers on a budget, and the Central Backpack King is described as being “great value for money” and “cost effective”, with several guests highlighting the free use of towels and free tea and coffee on offer here, as well as the free tours of the city that are available.

Service and cleanliness
Most reviewers scored this hostel highly for cleanliness, and there were comments about bathrooms being “clean and well-kept” and the hostel being “clean and comfortable”. Other reviewers mentioned that the bathrooms were wet, that the shower attachments didn’t have a holder, and that they felt that the bedding could have been cleaner or the mattresses could do with replacing. A mixed set of reviews on this aspect.

The reviews were unanimous in their high praise for the staff in the Central Backpack King. Phrases such as “staff were lovely”, “Hungarian hospitality”, “warm welcome” and “friendly staff” were used in nearly all the reviews. The staff here make the guests feel very welcome, and go out of their way to ensure that their trip meets or exceeds their expectations.

Visitors are offered a range of facilities. Reception is open 24 hours. The common room offers a variety of board and card games, cable TV and free wireless internet (though apparently reception is poor outside of the common room). A “nice kitchen” is on offer with free tea and coffee. There’s a grocery store nearby, and restaurants and places to eat are within a quarter of a mile. The hostel is non-smoking throughout, and there are security lockers in the rooms. The only negative comments on the facilities on offer here were that there are only two showers, so there is often a queue.

The atmosphere in this hostel receives a range of positive comments. Reviewers love the “bright and cheerful” decor, saying that the place is “spacious and decorated”. There are also comments about it being cosy, and feeling “safe and secure”. Some comments mention bright and spacious rooms, while others say that their room is small and receives no natural light, and is between the bathrooms, resulting in noise and banging doors, so its important to get the right room (see summary). There are some comments on noise levels, but mostly the comments on the atmosphere are positive.

The chief policies that have been mentioned in reviews are that this hostel does not welcome or have facilities for children, and that they do not accept credit cards, it’s cash only. Reception is open 24 hours, so there’s no curfew in place. One site appears to suggest that credit cards are accepted, so there are some negative comments about that, but otherwise it’s all positive.

The Central Backpack King Hostel is clearly a good option for a solo backpacker, as well as a small or large group. Despite the inconvenience of queueing for showers, reviewers are clearly delighted with the place overall, though it’s important to request a room with a window on booking – it sounds as though double or small rooms are the ones by the bathrooms without natural light, and the dorm rooms are all light and spacious. With friendly staff, a bright atmosphere, a fantastic central location and good value for money, this seems like an excellent place to stay.

Can I get a dental implant if I have gum disease?

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perioPeriodontitis, generally known as gum disease, begins with bacterial growth in the mouth which manifest symptoms including persistent bad breath, painful chewing, red, swollen or bleeding gums, loose teeth and sensitive teeth. This condition can lead to early tooth loss and other health problems brought about by complications and infections.

The main risk factors of individuals who are prone to suffering from gum disease include smoking, hormonal changes, other diseases like cancer or AIDS, effects of medication such as reduced flow saliva or abnormal overgrowth of gum tissue, while some people are generally susceptible to severe gum problems.

Dealing with Tooth Loss

Losing even just a single tooth can significantly impact one’s confidence, daily activities, and overall oral health. What more if several teeth become missing? In addition to treating gum disease, periodontists are likewise experts in dental implantation, presenting you with a convenient and comfortable way to replace missing teeth.

This recently popular treatment actually dates back to the 1960s, and modern day processes involve the use of titanium metal which works perfectly with body tissues and bonds naturally with the adjacent bone for faster recovery. You will soon have more than a beautiful smile with healthy gums and healthy teeth.

Dental Implantation with Gum Disease

Most people who have the condition ask, “Can I get an implant if I have gum disease?” Truth be told, infections are likely to occur when dental implants are placed in periodontitis-affected areas, which then again leads to another tooth loss and failure of the procedure. This means more inconvenience, frustration, and unnecessary expenses on your part.

This is why professional dentists recommend treating gum disease and any for of tooth decay prior to putting dental implants, with only your best interest and overall oral health in mind. A successful dental implant should not compromise your oral health and serve its purpose well, given that you are over 18 years old, and have a fully developed bone tissue possessing ample strength to hold the implant in place.